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Our professional seminars and training sessions for chiropractic doctors and students support continued elevation of the profession. Our community and patient workshops teach you how to balance your health naturally.

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The Detox Project

Toxins are in the air you breathe, the products you use to clean, the food you eat, and almost everything you come into contact with everyday. While your body is designed to detoxify itself, the daily exposure is concerning for our health. At this free event seminar, Dr. Ray of Chiropractic Plus, a MaxLiving Center

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Brain Storm!

Your brain controls all organs, muscles, tissue, and cells in your body. The importance of this most critical organ is self evident.  As an individual gets older their brain has a greater chance of degenerating, which can lead to a plethora of mental conditions. Taking the necessary steps to maintain a healthy brain can ensure

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Dinner with the Doc

Introduce those you care about to the wonderful benefits of Chiropractic and help them discover what it truly means to be healthy! Join us for Dinner with the Doc, featuring Dr. Patrick Ray. Enjoy a delicious complimentary dinner and night out with up to 5 friends and family and learn what you could be doing

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