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Our professional seminars and training sessions for chiropractic doctors and students support continued elevation of the profession. Our community and patient workshops teach you how to balance your health naturally.

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Summer Love

As people age, so do their bodies. These changes can be physical and they can be mental- but they don’t have to be permanent.  Hormones regulate things like libido while a single subluxation can be a show stopper altogether. We can all agree that no matter who you are, when it comes time to show

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Dinner with the Doc

Introduce those you care about to the wonderful benefits of Chiropractic and help them discover what it truly means to be healthy! Join us for Dinner with the Doc, featuring Dr. Patrick Ray. Enjoy a delicious complimentary dinner and night out with up to 5 friends and family and learn what you could be doing

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Lasting Immunity

Advancements in health care came a long way in extending our average life expectancy, but knowledge alone does not guarantee that our extra years will be healthy years. Discover the lifestyle changes you can make today to strengthen your immunity and prevent disease.

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