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Our professional seminars and training sessions for chiropractic doctors and students support continued elevation of the profession. Our community and patient workshops teach you how to balance your health naturally.

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Double Double Thyroid Trouble

The thyroid plays an enormous role in many different bodily functions. If your thyroid is not working properly it can wreak havoc on your body while dragging you through numerous symptoms. Learn how to get your thyroid under control at this upcoming event seminar hosted by Chiropractic Plus and presented by Dr. Patrick Ray!

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Sugar Crash: Avoiding the Bittersweet Side of Sugar

Health issues related to blood sugar imbalances are on the rise. The CDC estimates over 100 million people in North America have health issues related to blood sugar imbalances and over 80% of them don’t even know it. Controlling blood sugar levels is critical for disease we prevention, weight management, and feeling balanced.

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